America’s Most Famous Feud

Everyone has heard of the Hatfields and McCoys. Dozens of books and films have been made about America’s most famous feud and it was even the inspiration for the TV show “Family Feud”. But to learn the real story of this fascinating part of our history you’ll have to come and see it first hand. Now, for the first time ever, the key Hatfield McCoy Feud sites are open to visitors. This is one of the most complex and interesting chapters of U.S. history and most of what you’ve heard about it isn’t true. So come and hear the real story and walk in the footsteps of these American legends.

Some of the sites you can visit include the following.

  • The place where Johnse Hatfield and Roseanna McCoy, the Romeo and Juliet of the hills, met and fell in love.
  • The grave where Johnse and Roseanna’s child is buried.
  • The burial sites of Devil Anse Hatfield and Randle McCoy – the patriarchs of the feuding families.
  • The Hog Trial site where a trial over a pig started all the shooting.
  • The election grounds where three McCoys stabbed Devil Anse’s brother 27 times and shot him in the back.
  • The Paw Paw Massacre site where the Hatfields executed the three McCoys for killing Devil Anse’s brother.
  • The grave sites of many key players in the feud including Roseanna McCoy, Johnse Hatfield, Cap Hatfield and more.
  • And other sites as well.

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