Accounts of the McCoys' Courage, Morals, Fortitude, and Strength of Character

The first three titles in the series are The McCoys: Before The Feud, Home To Kentucky, and Back At The Ranch.

This book series details the lives of the real McCoys from 1865, immediately after the Civil War, recounting events before the feud began.


Accounts of the McCoys' Courage, Morals, Fortitude, and Strength of Character

The first three titles in the series are The McCoys: Before The Feud, Home To Kentucky, and Back At The Ranch. This book series details the lives of the real McCoys from 1865, immediately after the Civil War, recounting events before the feud began.

About The Author

T homas Allan McCoy is a direct descendant of the original McCoy family that was involved in the start of the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys, and an author of new Western books of realistic fiction.
His new book series, The McCoys Before The Feud, is about what the real McCoys would have done during the events portrayed in the novels. Being a direct descendant of the real McCoys (the original family that started the feud) gives him an insight as to their character and how their actions would have played out.
Thomas blends factual events of the 1860s with his own ideas and literary devices. The writing in these new Western books is in the traditional Western style, presented in an enjoyable, readable fashion that leads to entertaining storylines and an interconnected reading experience.


The McCoys: Before The Feud

Loyalty, Risk & Reward may as well be the credo for the McCoys as they set off on a dangerous adventure through post-Civil War America; one that tests their family ties, honor, love and courage.

Driven by a self-appointed mission, the McCoys whip up a daring plan to retrieve stolen goods from illegal Northern caches. Their desire is to help the families of their community who were ruined by the bloody and brutal Civil War. Once they retrieve the haul the McCoys will use it to regain what they lost and rebuild the integrity of their reputations and their homeland. The risks for such a scheme run high, but even the fear of death won’t stop them from reclaiming what rightfully belongs to the southern people. Loyalty and trust are tantamount to restoring dignity to a post-war South struggling to survive. The ardor of family and the ambition to re-establish the reputation of the McCoy name is a fire fueled by the trust, love and family pride that assures the McCoys will claim their rightful fortune.

Tommy McCoy and his father, Thomas Sr., lead their kin on a cleverly and skillfully mapped journey to raid northern soldier encampments along the 1865 Kansas-Missouri border. The McCoys’ solidarity and intelligence give them an edge over the rapidly changing conditions that threaten to take them down and keep them from their goals. It takes a heap of McCoy family fidelity and determination, plus a love of adventure, for them to achieve their unified goal. The McCoys' stealth, precision and patience reap bountiful rewards. But the tension rises once they’ve recovered the bounty. It’s a race against time to reach the farm belonging to Tommy’s sweetheart, before the Northern soldiers can stop them.

Author Thomas McCoy, a family descendent of the McCoys, spent years researching the saga of the McCoy family to bring readers a brilliant and engaging, fast-paced Western saga. Dusty battles, savage twists and turns and shocking surprises make this beautifully written blend of fact and fiction a true page turner.

Home To Kentucky

Home to Kentucky, the follow up to Thomas’ McCoy’s riveting historical drama, The McCoys: Before the Feud, will not disappoint readers who love a good old-fashioned tale of adventure, romance, action, and family honor.

After retrieving the cache of money that belonged to the south, the McCoys begin to rebuild their lives after significant losses from the Civil War. Amid the grief of their war-torn homeland, and in the midst of their grit and determination to build their future, the second adventure begins for the feisty McCoy family. Family bonds are strengthened along the long winding wagon ride throughout the great American west, as the realities of post-Civil War life make Home to Kentucky a moving and meaningful saga of love and family connection in a budding new world.

After the Northern Army unlawfully stole the wealth of the south, the men retrieve what is rightfully theirs and begin their journey home. Now, four of the McCoys are on the road home to Kentucky. But they must protect their newfound wealth by avoiding attention, and outwitting the ubiquitous and violent highwaymen. Using their military and mountain skills, plus their courage and family strength, the men push homeward along a dangerous road. On the way, they meet two women in need of help and between them all, they form a bond so strong, nothing can tear them apart, not even the hazards left behind after the bloody and hard-fought Civil War.

Home safely, the McCoy family begin to plan not just how they should use the coins they retrieved, but how to outwit the Pinkerton detectives and the law that is hellbent on capturing them. Ingenuity and cunning, born of the McCoy family loyalty and years of living a hardscrabble life, have taught the McCoy clan how to use these traits to ensure their own protection as they rebuild their lives anew upon the foundation of their reclaimed wealth.

Thomas’ McCoy’s riveting literary tapestry of fact and fiction sheds new light on the saga of the McCoy family in this deeply and profoundly written book that promises action and surprise at every turn.

Back At The Ranch

Caught between criminals, the Pinkertons, law and order, and their own personal needs. The McCoys must devise a way to give everyone what their asking for. An ingenious plan is put into action.

The Pinkerton detectives are hot on the trail of the McCoys and the gold coins stolen from the stockpiles overseen by a Northern general. To divert the Pinkertons’ suspicions away from the McCoys on the ranch near Lawrence, Kansas, Tommy McCoy devises a cunning yet dangerous plan. To clear their name, they need to pin the theft of the gold coins on the larceny and savagery of the highwaymen prowling the countryside since the end of the war. Only five McCoys out of the eighteen living around the ranch are determined to follow this risky and potentially deadly plan through. They hit the road aiming to get as far away from Pinkertons as possible. Their ultimate goal is to find safety in a place where they can use their newfound wealth to live in peace.

Back at the Ranch, the third saga in the thrilling four-part series by author Thomas McCoy, divides the tightknit McCoy family and forces one group of them onto the road again where they’ve battled and won before against the Northern soldiers. Now they must face the dangers of the wild American West, Pinkerton detectives and the local sheriff. Tommy's plan requires that the few McCoys who are willing to take part in his scheme, must go back to the beginning—traveling to the locations from which they originally retrieved their rightfully-owned gold coins.

Such a radical and dangerous plan forces the McCoys back into doing what they do best; trusting themselves individually and each other as a family. They must improvise as they go in order to devise a cunning and strategic plan to free them from the danger and the bondage of the Pinkerton Detectives who are hot on their trail. The McCoys are determined to clear their names once and for all. Their fast-paced and risky plan brings the McCoys to perilous cliffs of emotion and grit, as they must accommodate the swiftly changing conditions of their wild journey.

Historical author, Thomas McCoy has once again delivered in this thrilling fact-based novel that will leave readers on the edge of their seat.


The McCoys are panicked about the Pinkertons heading back to their ranch. They were sure this time they wouldn’t leave anything unturned trying to find the gold.

Tommy’s plan did not give them the confidence to stick around and see if it worked. Most of them decided to take their share of the spoils and head for places where gold had been discovered. Three groups of McCoys left the ranch in haste. The Pinkerton’s are hurrying to get back to the point of origin of the missing gold as quickly as possible. Tommy’s plan sidetracks them just enough to let the groups get some distance between them and the agents because they started following the proliferated coins showing up across Missouri. Unknown to the McCoys, these same investigations into spent coins will bring the Pinkertons right back to their doorstep. Danger lurks at every turn for the McCoys trying to get to the gold fields. Thieving, murderous guides, Indian attacks and the Pinkertons growing advances combine to make life hard for them. Until General Ewing opens up the possibility to get the Pinkerton investigation off of them forever. Odds are against them making an escape and being able to live the life they are hoping to have. It’s not the first time, and probably not the last. Only through sheer determination, belief in themselves and justice, can they keep moving forward. Along the way what they find-love, despair, unity and loss-changes the course of their lives and teaches them how life is so much more than having gold. This newest saga of the destined to be classic series of wholesome historical fiction in a western setting: The McCoys Before The Feud Series, Vol. 4, JUSTICE; with an even balance of action, adventure, and romance doesn't miss a beat and will keep you turning page after page.

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