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It’s been a long year of reviewing and rewriting, rewriting, rewriting, and editing, editing, and editing! But I’ve finally got the first three of the new series; “The McCoy’s: Before The Feud” to the point they can be published. I’m waiting at the moment to hear from several agents that have expressed interest, who will try to get them into one of the “BIG 5 publishing houses”. Unfortunately, they’re saying they will let me know in 8 to 10 weeks if they’re interested. So I need to wait a little more before I do self publishing.

Although many of today’s authors say that’s the way to go as you can decide everything for yourself, the downside is you have to pay for everything too. Publicity is the most important once the covers have been decided, and the most costly. Which I would like to have a traditional publishing house handle that, they can do much more than I can alone. Naturally the books have to be great reads first and foremost, which I think they are, and so do my editors. I’m sure you will too, when you can get your hands on them.

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Thomas A. McCoy

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