A look at some of the less commonly known facts about the Civil War:

1. The Emancipation Proclamation was not issued until the middle of the civil war.

2. There were Union states with slaves.

3. Abraham Lincoln was a racist.

4. The Civil War was the deadliest in American History, claiming more lives than every other American war combined.

5. 89% of southern soldiers did not own slaves; 75% of southerners did not own slaves – and yet the institution remained very important to the south.

6. Native Americans sided heavily with The Confederacy; the last confederate field commander to surrender was a Cherokee general.

7. The confederate constitution banned the importation of slaves, and allowed for the introduction of new states and territories that did not have slaves – despite protecting the institution.

8. Abraham Lincoln wasn’t even on the ballot in any southern state, and yet he still became president.

9. The Confederate Military was created from virtually nothing.

10. Despite Inflicting much larger losses on their northern opponents, the southerners could not replace their own as easily – and this was a fatal flaw for the south.

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